Vehicle insurance from Allstate® Canada

You can get behind the wheel of any of your vehicles with confidence when you have the right vehicle insurance. Allstate knows that insurance coverage should never be a one size fits all solution. That's why we created Your Choice Auto® to help you get the most from your insurance policy. We have unique options for not only your car, but also your motorcycle, ATV, boat and motorhome. In fact, any other vehicle you need insurance for — we’re here to help. With our bundling options, the more insurance you need, the more you’ll save. That’s how we make sure you and your vehicles are in Good Hands®. Get an online quote now to get started.

Already have car insurance? Find out how to protect your “extras” with boat, ATV or motorcycle insurance.

Not only can you get our multi-vehicle discount when you insure more than one vehicle with Allstate. We also offer a range of features that will drive you down the road to more savings. We’re here to provide practical coverage that won’t break the bank. Here are few perks you could be eligible for:

  • Take Two Advantage®gives you a discount when you combine your property and auto insurance with Allstate.
  • Elite Driver: if you have a clean driving record and at least 12 years of driving experience in North America, you could be eligible for discounts (excludes Quebec).
  • Drivewise®: you could save up to 30% on your auto insurance with a small wireless device that tracks your daily driving habits. And you’ll get a discount for just signing up! (Ontario and Alberta only).
  • Disappearing Deductible: your deductible decreases every consecutive term you go without a claim until it disappears**.
  • Claim Forgiveness: your rates won’t go up because of a claim.*

Allstate has all your vehicles covered

If you like to spend time behind the wheel of anything with a motor, you know that sometimes one vehicle just isn’t enough. Your car can take you from A to B, but what about those days when you just want to enjoy the ride? At Allstate we believe all your vehicles need the right coverage. That’s why we offer policies for:

  • Cars: Your everyday vehicle is likely your most important one - getting you to work and the kids to school. We have lots of options to make sure you have coverage that fits your driving habits and lifestyle.
  • Boats: Taking the boat out on the water should be fun and relaxing. We make that possible by helping ensure you’re covered in case disaster strikes.
  • ATVs: Your all-terrain vehicle can take you up hills and valleys, through muddy swamps and across snowy fields. We’ll make sure you’re covered as you discover new trails.
  • Motorcycles: It’s a lot easier to immerse yourself in a weekend road trip on your bike when you have the right coverage in case the unexpected happens.
  • Motorhomes: Your home away from home combines transport with living space, so you need an insurance policy that fits.

With Drivewise™, being a good driver can save you more

Are you interested in getting rewarded for practicing safe driving habits? When you enroll in Allstate's free Drivewise™ program, we will mail you a small device that can be installed within minutes; this device will then log and evaluate your normal driving behaviour over time. After tracking such good behaviours as driving at safe speeds, driving during safe hours and avoiding hard braking for a 6-month period, you could receive up to 30%** on your vehicle insurance. Rest assured that Drivewise™ will not increase your premium, and there are no sign up or user fees. It's free, it's easy and it could save you more — so sign up today! You will receive a 5%*** discount simply for signing up, plus an additional 5%*** off for downloading the Test Drivewise™ app.