Motorcycle insurance in New Brunswick from Allstate®

Nothing is more exhilarating than zipping across the pavement on your bike and feeling connected to the world; however, before you start up your motor, you’re going to need insurance in case of an emergency. Whether you’ve ridden for decades or you’re a new rider, Allstate provides tailored motorcycle insurance in New Brunswick that suits your lifestyle. Let us help you find the right protection for you daily life so you can ride confidently.

Thinking about what the average cost of motorcycle insurance in New Brunswick is? At Allstate, we offer reasonable rates for standard, touring and cruising model bikes. Request your motorcycle insurance quote online today.

What’s included in our coverage

Whether you cruise the countryside with your bike on the weekends or you use a moped or scooter to navigate city streets on a daily basis, we’ll make sure you’re ready to go with the right coverage. Here’s what our motorcycle insurance includes:

  • Liability: This coverage supports you if you are part of an accident in which you’re held responsible for injury or the death of someone. Liability also protects you from damage to another person’s vehicle or property.
  • Accident Benefits: You are entitled to compensation for income loss due to disability, medical costs, funeral expenses and rehabilitation (not applicable in Quebec).

Receive quality coverage from Allstate

At Allstate we understand that no two drivers are the same. That’s why we provide an extensive line of features to decide from, so you get the best bike coverage to satisfy your needs. But wait: we also offer 24/7, efficient claims processing from expert claims representatives, so you can get back to your day faster. If fixes are needed and you wish to use a recommended Allstate Priority Repair Option (PRO) vendor, we’ll guarantee the repair job for however long you own your motorcycle. Our PRO vendors have been professionally vetted for their work and training, so you can be positive you’re getting expert service. And if you ever need to review your policy details, request a policy change or pay your bills, you can always do so at any time through your myAllstate® online account. These are just a few of the ways we help ensure you’re always in Good Hands®.