Motorcycle insurance from Allstate® Canada

Your motorcycle means fun, freedom and the thrill of the open road. When you're cruising through Canada's lush scenery, the last thing you want is to worry about is how much coverage you have or how much you're paying. With Allstate, it's easy to get motorcycle insurance that fits your budget, your lifestyle and your riding routine. That's because we tailor our motorbike coverage according to your needs. It's all about having the right protection at the right price. So put your bike in Good Hands® with Allstate and ride away with confidence. Get an online quote to get started.

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Get the exact coverage you need from Allstate

Do you zip through the city on a daily basis? Or do you take laid-back road trips on long, winding roads? No matter your riding style, Allstate has the right coverage for you. We offer great rates for touring, cruising and standard model bikes. Here's what our comprehensive motorcycle coverage gives you:

  • Liability: we will protect you if you are in an accident and you’re held legally liable for injury or death to other people. We also cover damage to a third party's vehicle or property.
  • Accident Benefits: we provide compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation, funeral expenses and loss of income due to death or disability (not applicable in Quebec).
  • Collision (Collision and Upset in Quebec): if you're involved in a collision with another vehicle or object (e.g., tree, guardrail, pothole), we cover the cost of repair or replacement of your motorcycle up to its actual value less your deductible.
  • Comprehensive (Perils other than Collision or Upset in Quebec): we cover actual damage to your motorcycle that has not resulted from a collision. That includes damage caused by theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, lightning and explosion.
  • All Perils:get the most complete coverage by combining Collision and Comprehensive coverages.
  • Direct Compensation Property Damage: in the event that your motorcycle (and property it is carrying) is damaged and another motorist is responsible, we've got you covered (not applicable in Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia).
  • Discounts: we think a good track record should be rewarded. With our Elite Rider discount, you can save on your premium if you're an experienced rider with a clean record, and your ride is a touring or cruising bike of 800cc or more (not applicable in Quebec).

Rest assured your ride is in Good Hands®

Staying safe on your bike starts with the right insurance. But that's not the only way you can protect yourself against the unexpected. Whether you’re new to biking or you're a veteran of the open road, here are a few tips to make sure your ride is safe and fun:

  • Basic bike maintenance. The majority of bikers keep their motorcycles serviced and repaired all season long. However, it's always a good idea to run a few basic tests before you set out — especially if you're going on a long ride. Test your lights and brakes, and ensure your cables are not worn or frayed. Also visually inspect your tires, wheels and chain. Spending a few minutes carrying out these checks can help you stay safe. They can also prevent you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere (or on a busy highway!), and avoid potentially costly repairs before they occur. If you’re unsure about anything, consulting a professional beforehand could save you lots of trouble down the road.
  • Failing to plan is planning to fail. Whether it's a one-hour jaunt or a two-week excursion, no rider should set off without knowing his or her destination. Fortunately, smartphones (used hands-free) and other GPS-enabled devices can help to retain a sense of spontaneity. Riders know they will always be able to call for help or determine their location. This is especially handy if a detour is needed for fuel, food or running repairs. It's also reassuring for those at home to know that you can be reached. Just make sure your device is fully charged and on hands-free before you go!
  • Check the forecast. Being on two wheels makes you particularly susceptible to changes in weather and road conditions. Leaf-covered roads, icy corners, sudden downpours, high winds — make sure you're prepared to deal with less-than-perfect circumstances. Pack with the forecast in mind, whether that means extra gloves, rain gear or sun protection.
  • Stay in the know. For more riding tips, road safety guides and the latest insurance news, check out the On The Road section of our Good Hands® Blog.