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Feel confident when you choose Allstate for home and auto insurance in Alberta because Allstate is a known and trusted name Canadians have turned to for home and auto insurance coverage for the past 60 years. We’ve proudly protected Canadians for 60 years — at home, on the road and off-road — with insurance coverage that puts your needs first. At AllState, insurance with personalized service, exceptional coverage, tailored options and a 24/7 claims team comes standard.

Your local Allstate agent in Alberta can help select the home and auto insurance that best meets your needs. We take all aspects of your life into consideration when it comes to deciding on a home and auto insurance in Alberta because we at Allstate know insurance solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Contact Allstate or one of our Allstate agencies for a complete quote on home and auto insurance in Alberta and let us help determine the features and deductibles that will work for you.

Stay on budget with Allstate

At Allstate, we're committed to making sure you're getting value from your money with coverage that makes you feel safe in case of an emergency. That’s why our rates have stayed the same this year while other insurers in Alberta have raised theirs. You can't go wrong with coverage from Allstate because your best interests are our number one priority-- that includes your safety as well as your budget.  Discover how much you can save by making the switch today.

Trust in Allstate home and auto insurance in Alberta

Trust in an insurance solution and home and auto insurance in Alberta that’s provided by the professionals at Allstate. Contact Allstate today by filling out an online quote or contacting your local Allstate agency.